Freya Lillie

Florence Dungarees- Nude

CAD $148

The detailed shoulders take our seamstresses much time to perfect.  Designed to be worn all year round, Freya Lillie creates each piece slightly larger.  This enables the item to be worn all year round, whatever the season. Once it no longer fits, it can be put away or be passed on and on.

Freya Lillie is a sustainable luxury baby brand. We choose to use 100% linen for our clothing because not only is it sustainable, it’s the most luxurious in the way it was formed. It’s more durable than most other materials which is important when it comes to children, don’t be afraid of it, embrace it and let kids be kids.

It actually becomes stronger the more wet it becomes plus it’s antibacterial which is perfect for precious skin. Our clothing is made to last, to be handed down time after time, we’re confident it will even last to be worn by your children’s children.  If that’s not enough, it becomes softer with every single wash too.

  • Composition: 100% linen
  • Care: machine washable at 30°, do not tumble dry 

Made in England 

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