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BINIBAMBA has the ultimate, luxurious baby essentials!  Give your BINIBABE a pedigree spot to snooze in, or cozy up with the stylish BINIBABE bo...

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senger, senger canada, senger goose, senger geese, senger goose canada


The SENGER Naturwelt plush animals are more than just cuddly… These soft and handmade keepsakes can also be used as a gentle heat/cooling bag for c...

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folpetto. eco friendly swimwear


WINNER OF THE 2019 UK DESIGN AWARD FOLPETTO swimwear is an eco-friendly, seaside-chic swimwear collection for children aged 6 months to 12 yea...

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We aim to make conscious choices while putting together our collections, selecting specific pieces through associates we trust.  All production quantities are thoughtfully determined, which results in exclusivity instead of overstock. Slow fashion is a quality, not quantity-based movement.  It works by collectively slowing down bulk production by inviting consumers to invest in well-made, long lasting clothing.  Slow fashion brands aim to reduce production schedules by minimizing collection sizes, resulting in less clogging of landfills.  Their designs are high quality pieces that are versatile and made to last.  At Ninth+Nord we carefully hand-pick pieces that can be passed down and passed on, changing the future of fashion with the planet in mind.